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Prayer for Those Who Loss Their Spouse

by Johnny Walker SR - March 2022

Thank you God, for the time that we spent together. All the laughter and tears we shared. All the struggles and pain, losses and gains, you were always there.

I know you said there is a better place, but I am saddened that she went alone. I wonder if I had gone first to be with you, would it be harder for her on her own.

Your plan is much broader than I could ever think, the Bible says its so

I need to be faithful, have courage, and don’t sink, in time you will make me whole.

For the day will come when we are rejoined again, giving praises to You and Jesus

where there is no sin.

The Holy spirit will bring comfort in a special way. Guiding me as I find peace and harmony until my day.

So thank you God, for this is my prayer to one day, spend those precious moments with you, and my lovely spouse up there…


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