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Prayer Warriors Wanted 

We have unlimited openings for motivated prayer warriors to meet the need of God’s people. Start immediately. Responsibilities include performing random acts of kindness, serving and pleasing God, and doing what God commissions you to do. No experience is needed.  God will equip you with on job training.  Benefits include growth opportunities leading to one incredible “raise” at the end of your service. You will need to:


  1. Recognize God’s voice -Discover God’s plan for our lives

  2. To discern God’s will - Understand how to apply God’s word

  3. To make wise decisions – Everyday is filled with decisions

  4. Be humble and have compassion for those who are hurting

  5. To distinguish good from best – We need to thrive for greatness

  • Bryon Gould, Northeastern Jurisdiction Prayer Advocate: - (443) 858-1308

  • Rich Hughen, New England Conference Prayer advocate:  - (207) 632-8760

  • Jamie Novesteras, New York Conference Prayer Advocate: - (516) 721 -9463

  • Bill Paxton, Peninsula- Delaware Conference Prayer Advocate: - (410) 708-7687

  • Ben Nelson, Northeastern Jurisdiction UMM President: -  (917) 715-9872

  • James Turner, Peninsula-Delaware Conference  UMM President: - (410) 714-9393

  • Lew Weil, Greater New Jersey Conference UMM President: - (732) 691-7015

  • George Hohmann, Northeastern Jurisdiction UMM Secretary: -  (304) 419-1916

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