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Thanks be to God for all of you who joined us for these NEJUMM Equipping sessions 1 & 2 .  Thanks for the great feedback on the value they are adding to your ministry efforts.

We have planned our next session  serie 3 with  6 more sessions – just 1 ½ hrs each this next time, starting April 23,  2021.  We will take a break for the Friday before Memorial Day and finish on June 4.  


If you need any of the worksheets or to review any of our recorded sessions for Series 1 & 2 , click here for the links 

If you don’t already have a copy of each resource below, we suggest you obtain:


We have to order these workbooks from GCUMM.  A lot of you may already have a copy of this UMM/NMLB workbook. But if you need a workbook, please send your name and physical mail address to:

He will consolidate the info and send to GCUMM, they will mail to your individual address.

If you have not paid for the previous sessions, cost is still $10.  Please send a check to:

  • John Conklin, NEJUMM Treasurer
    203 Vanburger Road, Owego, NY 13827  


We reference these and new workbooks for these 6 sessions.  We'll continue using the handouts available on the Equipping Series 1 & 2  for these sessions as needed.  Please let me know if you have any issues downloading and printing those.  


Reminder: the SHAPE test, ~40 min online, can be used to assess how your Spiritual gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personality, Experiences can best be used in ministry.  Here is the link: 

During December and early January  2021, we made available some self-paced training videos and worksheets to assess Spiritual Gifts, Personal styles, and Passions using the Network tool suite. 


Also, please  INVITE OTHERS from your conference and district leadership teams Or let me know who else you want me to send this calendar notice. You or new invitees can refresh or catch up using the recorded sessions . See 


James Gainey,

UMM Men's Ministry Specialist

(443) 878-9621 

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