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Zoom Meetings

National Louis University provides an excellent users guild to leartn how to use Zoom both as a particpant and a host.  Zoom allows users to communicate via viedo/audio or just audio.  The video/audio requies a good internet connection, a desktop, laptop, tablet or smart mobile phone with a camera, speaker and microphone.  If that is not available, you can call in using any device ( mobile or landline) to a phone number and a meeting ID provided by the host.  


When using this technology some important tips:

  • When joining a meeting with video/audio or just audio put your device on mute until you speak or the host ask you speak.  For desktops, laptops, tables and smart phones, at the bottom left of your screen you will see a mute button.  For cell phone users use the mute button on your phone, for landline users use *6 to mute and *6 to unmute.

  • If using a video, have light in front of you not behind you.

  • Avoid using your cell service for video, as the video and audio quality could be phone.  If you do not have internet (WiFi Access) use the phone in option.

  • Avoid speaking when others  are speaking.

  • Turn off any background noise, such as TVs

  • Do a trial run.  Set up a time for everyone to test the Zoom technology.

  • Be patient. Online groups are new for many people, so be patient with others and yourself. Perfection is not the goal. Fellowship and discipleship are the goals.


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