June 19, 2020

God's Love is Higher than the Higest Mountain and deeper than the deepest ocean

There are reasons for sitting next to a window on an airplane. In flying to Seattle Washington a number of years ago the plane flew over Mt. Rainier. It was an awesome experience. God's love for us is higher than the highest mountain and deeper than the deepest ocean. God is worthy to be praised.. 

Prayer Advocate, Pen-Del

Bill Paxton

June 13, 2020

Trust God

Things we perceive sometimes are not what they seem to be. Without the facts we can perceive many things about something. This picture looks like sky and trees, however it is a reflection of sky and trees and I turn the picture upside down in my computer. Now you have the facts. So do not quickly perceive something to be true until you have all of the facts

Prayer Advocate, Pen-Del

Bill Paxton

June 12, 2020

Peace Like a  River Down in My Soul

With all of the turmoil in this world we need to pray for peace and pray for solutions to bring peace to a hurting world. I remember singing a song  in youth group ,I think the title was" Give me Peace like a River." So I name this photograph," Peace Like a River." May God Give you peace like a river down in your soul.

Prayer Advocate, Pen-Del

Bill Paxton


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